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Student Talent

With over 20,000 students currently enrolled at Kansas State University, imagine the possibilities!

The K-State Office Park is the perfect place for companies to locate near campus and foster partnerships that provide access to student and faculty talent, and facilitate innovation. Each year, K-State students and faculty participate in groundbreaking research and win numerous awards. Many companies enjoy having a presence on campus at career fairs and other events to create brand awareness and introduce their businesses to students. However, companies with physical office locations here are able to engage with these talented people on a deeper level, developing mutually beneficial working relationships.

When your company has a dedicated space at the K-State Office Park, you can:

  • Attract the best and brightest as interns;
  • Connect with faculty who will funnel top students your way; and
  • Recruit top achievers who will already understand your business.

Access to student talent is a top priority for companies that partner with universities across the U.S. Startups and large international corporations alike are making strides in technology advancement and streamlined recruitment by capturing top-notch students as they emerge and creating a natural progression from intern to full-time employee.

Connect, Engage, Retain

Building relationships on campus creates a pipeline for student talent.  As exemplary students are identified by professors and advisors, they can be funneled in to an on-campus internship program with real assignments, challenges and innovation opportunities, then advance to full-time positions after graduation.

Access to year-round interns means you can have students work on a project from start-to-finish, rather than the traditional ten weeks that ends just when they’ve really learned the ropes. Retaining talent throughout the school year adds value by leveraging innovation, building relationships, and reducing time and money spent on training and recruitment. What’s more, you’ll improve the odds that these talented students will join your company as full-time employees after graduation.


Create opportunities for innovation as today’s K-State students envision solutions that make sense for millennials and can be adapted to all your users. Students bring a whole new mindset to the table and are not burdened with preconceived notions of the way things have always been done.

Develop a grassroots referral network of recommendations. As these students take the intern experience back to the classroom to further their academic successes, they enhance your visibility with fellow students and faculty. As they move into full-time employment, the referral cycle continues as they tell peers of the great experience and career opportunities.  Today’s students value referrals from peers more than ever and are sharing experiences faster and to a broader audience.

State-of-the-Art Amenities and Benefits

The K-State Office Park provides companies with an on-campus location in a modern building with desired amenities for students and professionals.  Full-service leases create an easy-to-maintain presence and future planned Office Park expansions allow companies to scale.

K-State state of the art facilities
Cost savings abound by having an on-campus location. Recruitment costs are minimized thanks to peer referrals and brand awareness. Relocation costs are also minimized because many new graduates want to stay in the area. Those graduates who do relocate are less of a risk because they know your company and are already invested in its success.

Overall, the access to student talent that companies located in the K-State Office Park enjoy is vital to future growth and innovation.  We invite you to join us today!

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